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Chai Tulani Releases “All The way” Featuring Christian JaLon and Ali (New Kingz)


Chai Tulani teams up with Christian JaLon and Ali (New Kingz) to bless the city with a BEAUTIFUL track. The trio brings a summer feel to the winter and it feels right. Chai Tulani takes the lead and delivers every line perfectly. Christian Jalon’s voice plays the background, adding that aspect of beauty that her voice brings to everything, and Ali lays an amazing verse along with some soulful adlibs. This one may be on repeat for a while. All together this song is a masterpiece. Check it out below.




Chai Tulani makes Chicago Tribune!

click link for full article! >http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/music/ct-chicago-music-chai-tulani-ott-1230-20161226-story.html






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